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At the heart of Hatch & Maas Collective lies legacy, tradition, and quality. Derived from two maiden names, we desired to create a company rooted in legacy. Though established in Fayetteville, AR, Hatch & Maas has pressed the boundaries of standstill photography. With opportunities to travel across the globe, we have produced images that explore new depths within the craft while staying true to our cohesive style of high contrast and vivid color.Hatch and Maas is more than just a collection of images. Our photos stem life, energy, and produce feeling due to the intentionality and time we take to truly know the heartbeat of our clients. We create value by prioritizing quality in each piece of work we touch from Seniors, Commercial, and Wedding Photography. Ultimately, we hold true to our tradition for beautiful storytelling, captured through lifestyle images, because we believe you are a story worth telling.
aaron menken

Aaron Menken, Owner & Creator

Born in the Midwest, this award-winning and internationally published photographer graduated from one of the top 10 photography schools in the nation. Aaron received his first camera from his grandfather when he was 6 years old. Behind his energetic smile lies a man with a heart of true artisanship and an adventurous pulse, enabling him with endless experience. This has landed him on a beautiful design and mentality for Hatch and Maas Collective. Currently he's made his home in Northwest Arkansas at his future collaborative studio, the Workhorse, with his cat, Peter. When he's not woodworking, dodging African elephants, or cooking Paleo recipes, Aaron has a knack for bringing people together and allowing comfort and excitement to fill every project he leads.

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